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Welcome to the Fitness Hall of Fame

This is the home of the leaders and brightest minds in the fitness industry from around the world. It is the mission of the FHOF to honor the most significant contributors and icons in the fitness industry, and to provide a learning experience for those who wish to follow in their footsteps. Each year, leaders and legends are nominated in a variety of categories.

The 2015 Vote is on NOW!
All votes must be in by Wednesday, April 1, 2015, 5:00pm PT

Here are 2015 Nominees for the Trend Setter category:


Bret Contreras

Cassandra Forsythe


Shawn Phillips

Shaun T

Here are 2015 Nominees for the Educational Leader/Innovator category:


Jamie Eason


Kwame Brown

Paul Gagne

Eric Cobb


Chris Powell


James Smith

Here are 2015 Nominees for the Trainer/Coach category:


Mike Boyle

David Jack

Nathaniel Dilworth


Mike Robertson


Zach Evan-Esh


Jonathan Chaimberg

Here are 2015 Nominees for the Jack LaLanne Legacy Award category:


Joseph Pilates

Greg Plitt


Bruce Lee

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